Epistle to the Romans (Revised) (Black's New Testament Commentary (Paperback))
Epistle to the Romans (Revised) (Black's New Testament Commentary (Paperback))
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  • 304 Pages
  • Publisher : Baker Book House
  • Publication Date : April 2011

Epistle to the Romans (Revised) (Black's New Testament Commentary (Paperback))

Barrett, C. K

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Black's New Testament Commentary has been hailed by both scholars and pastors for its insightful interpretations and reliable commentary. Each book in the series includes an insightful introduction to the important historical, literary, and theological issues; key terms and phrases from the translation highlighted in the commentary where they are discussed; explanations of special Greek or foreign terms; references to important primary and secondary literature; and a Scripture index.
C. K. Barrett's exegetical prowess, evidenced most distinctly in his volumes on the First and Second Epistles to the Corinthians, also in the Black's series, has long been appreciated in the world of biblical studies. His verse-by-verse exposition in "The Epistle to the Romans" further enhances our understanding of the book of Romans, early Christianity, the apostle Paul and his theology, and the New Testament. A master of thoroughness, historical backgrounds, and ancient languages, Barrett offers insights for scholars, ministers, students, and anyone who wants to know more about Paul's Epistle to the Romans.