Freedom Movement: 500 Years of Reformation
Freedom Movement: 500 Years of Reformation
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  • 48 Pages
  • Publisher : 10Publishing
  • Publication Date : June 2017

Freedom Movement: 500 Years of Reformation

Reeves, Michael

Discover and share the exhilarating gospel joy that sparked a global reshaping of the church and culture. Designed as an introduction to the continuing spirit of the Reformation, this beautifully illustrated and inspiring book will draw you into celebration of the new life, radical change, and simple hope that a love of Christ and for his Word brings. For outreach, education or welcoming ministry.
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It shouldn’t be possible to talk about the Reformation without talking about the gospel.

Luther’s discovery has fascinated artists, inspired reformers, envisioned abolitionists and given beautiful hope to millions. It has changed the world and it continues to do so.

Michael Reeves has served the church in this 500th anniversary year by writing an evangelistic resource that tells the story of that discovery, that draws out its effectiveness and beauty, and that speaks of its consequences for the history of the world.

On this 500th anniversary of the Reformation this resource, priced to be given away in numbers, enables you to use the historical moment effectively to carry on the work of Reformation: to get the story of the gospel to world.

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