Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild
Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild
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  • 272 Pages
  • Publisher : Moody Publishers
  • Publication Date : April 2010

Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild

Kassian, Mary A.

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Listen to a lecture by Jeanelle Bradshaw, daughter of C. J. Mahaney, entitled A Modest Heart. (Covenant Life Church)

Product Description: Girls have gone wild! And we're not just talking about someone from the romance novel or star from the latest hit movie. She's the girl next door, your best friend, or someone in your family. She may even be you.

That's because the longing, the thrill, and the fun is real. Very real.

Mary Kassian isn't naive to that. But she knows there's another side to it--the devastation and heartache being wild can bring. Her insights from Proverbs on the differences between a saucy, seductive Wild Thing and a smart, biblically-savvy Wise Thing is a must read. Every minute you spend here will help you--or someone you love--replace the emptiness and guilt of being wild with the power of living out God's spectacular design for women.

But be prepared. This isn't your grandmother's handbook on etiquette. It's God's Word powerfully unfolded by someone He's commissioned to speak the truth in love. You'll be captivated, challenged, and impassioned to be far more than the world's model of the perfect woman. You read this book and apply its principles and you'll become something your Heavenly Father and Friend has always intended you to be: A Girl Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild.

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272 Pages
Published April 2010

About the Author

MARY KASSIAN is an award winning author, internationally renowned speaker, and a distinguished professor at Southern Baptist Seminary. She has published several books and Bible studies, including The Feminist Mistake. A graduate from the faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine from the University of Alberta, Canada, Mary has also studied systematic theology at the doctoral level and taught courses at seminaries throughout North America.