Gospel of John: A Theological Commentary
Gospel of John: A Theological Commentary
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Gospel of John: A Theological Commentary

Ridderbos, Herman

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Recommended by Dr. Dan G. McCartney
Professor of New Testament
at Westminster Theological Seminary

Dr.McCartney writes: Although there is some interest in the historical questions, as the title indicates the focus here is on the theological intent, and the way the Gospel unveils the identity of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately a bit dry, and not much interaction with recent literary approaches.

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This excellent commentary by Herman Ridderbos engages seriously the host of twentieth-century interpretations of John while also developing its own integral understanding of John in which the Gospel emerges as a profoundly theological work. Ridderbos presents John in its distinctively apostolic character and includes important criteria for the literary and homiletical exegesis of the Fourth Gospel.

"Ridderbos manages to comment on virtually everything that affects our understanding of the evangelist's message, and that means that the commentary is ideally suited for pastors, as well as for students whose primary interest is the theology of the Fourth Gospel." - Westminster Theological Journal