Green Eye of the Storm
Green Eye of the Storm
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  • 312 Pages
  • Publisher : Banner of Truth
  • Publication Date : June 1998

Green Eye of the Storm

Short, John Rendle

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Publisher's Description

The theory of evolution burst like a great storm cloud on the intellectual world of the mid-nineteenth century, and brought widespread public controversy and debate with it. Soon, however, the evolutionary way of viewing life became almost all-pervasive; scientists of all kinds, historians, sociologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, anthropologists and many others would all adopt its tenets in order to interpret the world in general and the human race in particular.

Reactions in the Christian church varied from immediate acceptance to long-term hostility. Today the controversy continues unabated and is the subject of many debates, seminars and publications.

Green Eye of the Storm offers a unique and fascinating introduction to this debate, seeing it through the lives of four distinguished men who struggled with the evolutionary theory in very different contexts: Philip Henry Gosse, George John Romanes, Arthur Rendle Short and his son John Rendle-Short the author of this book. It provides a fascinating glimpse into the life, times and intellectual development of these men and will be of interest to all who have an interest in them or the religious and scientific movements with which their names are associated.