Heart of Prayer: What Jesus Teaches Us
Heart of Prayer: What Jesus Teaches Us
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  • 256 Pages
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Heart of Prayer: What Jesus Teaches Us

Barrs, Jerram

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This title includes questions for group or personal study.

Jesus' words on prayer are the clearest, most up-building and most healing ever spoken. He knows full well the inadequacy and weakness of our prayer life; he sees our cold hearts and lack of zeal; yet, his words on prayer are a solace and support, rather than condemnation and rebuke.

Table of Contents

  1. Lord, Teach Us to Pray
  2. The Content of the Lord's Prayer
  3. Two Stories about Prayer
  4. Private Lives and Public Lives
  5. Perseverance in Prayer
  6. Prayer, Fasting, and Discipline in Prayer
  7. The Temptation of Jesus—Introduction
  8. The Nature of the Temptations
  9. Father, Glorify Your Name
  10. Jesus Prays for Glory
  11. Jesus Prays for His People
  12. Jesus Prays for Unity

256 Pages

About the Author

Jerram Barrs is Professor of Christianity and Contemporary Culture, and Resident Scholar of the Francis Schaeffer Institute, at Covenant Theological Seminary