How to Help People in Conflict
How to Help People in Conflict
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How to Help People in Conflict

Adams, Jay E.

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Everyone wants "world peace." But is peace even possible? Because the world is not part of God's family, there is no hope for global peace. It is peace within the church, therefore, that must be pursued by God's sons - those whom He saved by grace through Jesus Christ. While peacemaking is the task of all Christians, it is peculiarly the task of the biblical pastor/counselor. So we wonder... Are you a peacemaker? Is your church a peacemaking center? Sadly, many homes and churches are filled with strife and misunderstanding. They are not dominated by peace. So what is peace - "shalom" - and how do we attain it? This book can help you and your church pursue peace according to God's Word... learn how to become a biblical peacemaker and help bring that "peace that passes understanding" into your home and church. Only the answers from God's Word can give us hope when we are hopeless.