John Hooper (Bitesize Biographies)
John Hooper (Bitesize Biographies)
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  • 158 Pages
  • Publisher : Evangelical Press
  • Publication Date : April 2014

John Hooper (Bitesize Biographies)

Sullivan, Pete

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Publisher's Description

Tucked away in St Mary's Square in Gloucester stands an

imposing Victorian monument to the memory of John Hooper

(c1500 -1555), second Bishop of Gloucester and one of the first

Protestant martyrs during the reign of "Bloody Mary". !

Drawing from a wide range of sources - particularly Hooper's

own correspondence and writings - Pete Sullivan provides a vivid,

lively account of the final turbulent years of Hooper's life, set

against the religious and political dramas of the day. !

This account is a rich mix of cruelty and compassion, despair and

hope. Above all it is the story of an extraordinary man whose

faith and sense of duty compelled him to pay the ultimate price,

and whose "name and deeds alone are monument more fair and

durable than stone".