Kingdom Come: The Amillennial Alternative
Kingdom Come: The Amillennial Alternative
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  • 592 Pages
  • Publisher : Christian Focus
  • Publication Date : May 2013

Kingdom Come: The Amillennial Alternative

Storms, Sam

Can we maintain a high view of Scripture without affirming a literal 1,000-year reign of Christ? Unpack this biblical argument describing a symbolic millennial reign of Christ and His church in this present age. Whether or not you agree with Storms, this book is valuable for gaining a better understanding of the amillennial position and how it responds to the arguments of dispensationalism.
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The second coming of Christ is a matter of sharp disagreement amongst Christians. Many hold to premillennialism: that Christ's return will be followed by 1,000 years before the final judgement, a belief popularised in the popular Left Behind novels. However, premillennialism is not the only option for Christians. In this important new book, Sam Storms provides a biblical rationale for amillennialism; the belief that 1,000 years mentioned in the book of Revelation is symbolic with the emphasis being the King and his Kingdom.