Labor of Love: Puritan Pastoral Priorities
Labor of Love: Puritan Pastoral Priorities
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  • 152 Pages
  • Publisher : Reformation Heritage Books
  • Publication Date : August 2013

Labor of Love: Puritan Pastoral Priorities

Yuille, J. Stephen

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Driven by the desire to be successful, pastors are tempted to judge their ministries by the worldly standards of power, prestige, privilege, and prosperity. In contrast, J. Stephen Yuille reorients our understanding of pastoral ministry by presenting a standard of excellence measured by faithfulness, humility, and submission to God even when the results look unsuccessful in the eyes of the world. Drawing from the Puritan minister George Swinnock, Yuille expands on a list of sixteen heartfelt desires that Swinnock expressed for his own pastoral ministry. Yuille’s reflections on these timeless priorities are full of biblical insights and pastoral wisdom. The book ends with Swinnock’s farewell sermon to his congregation, which serves as an encouraging example for all pastors who desire to love their people in Christ. This book is a valuable guide for pastors as they seek to labor and love in the service of Christ.