Loving in God's Story of Grace (Living Story)
Loving in God's Story of Grace (Living Story)
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  • 144 Pages
  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : March 2014

Loving in God's Story of Grace (Living Story)

Turnage, Elizabeth R.

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Publisher's Description

Love. People have tried to understand it since the beginning of time—yet our culture yearns for love more than ever. Is it possible to understand and, more importantly, to live love in a world desperate for it? Elizabeth Turnage reminds us that God alone can show and help us to understand love—for he not only loves us, but also empowers us to love as well.

In previous studies, Elizabeth has helped us to learn God’s story of grace and to live it out ourselves. In this final Living Story book, she teaches us the ultimate joy of living in God’s story of grace: loving as God loves us.

Beginning by searching the depths and heights of God’s love, she moves on to show us where we fit in and how, by continuing to walk in God’s story, we can learn to love too.

If you know God’s story of grace and where your story fits in, learn how to take the next step and make your story bigger than it’s ever been before!