Making Kingdom Disciples: A New Framework
Making Kingdom Disciples: A New Framework
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Making Kingdom Disciples: A New Framework

Dunahoo, Charles H.

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This title contains study questions at the end of each chapter.

Staff Review: In much of the church one-sided discipleship has produced one-sided disciples. Such believers often divorce Sunday from the work week, religious feeling from intellectual rigor, or personal practice from the public square. To redress these imbalances, Making Kingdom Disciples proposes a holistic, kingdom-oriened approach to discipleship. Drawing on years of experience in Christian education at the pastoral and denominational level, Dunahoo calls churches to train disciples to "think God's thoughts after him" in all of life: business, education, politics, recreation. Drawing deeply from the Reformed tradition, he orients readers to overarching concepts such as kingdom, epistemology, covenant, and worldview together with their eminently practical implications. The work as a whole serves to root anew our discipleship efforts upon a biblical foundation with a sensitivity to today's modern and post-modern generations. " Matthew Harmon, Westminster Bookstore Staff

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Making Kingdom Disciples reorients how we think about and do discipleship. Charles Dunahoo—himself an educator and trainer of church leaders—leads us beyond programs to the kingdom worldview that transforms all of thought and life. Dunahoo's chief concern is that Christians know the Word, understand the World, and apply this knowledge. In Making Kingdom Disciples, Dunahoo helps readers to understand their service in God's kingdom, the differences between generations, the postmodern understanding of reality, and the Christian's life and world view. Rather than develop a method, Making Kingdom Disciples presents the big picture, a new framework.