No Holiness, No Heaven! Antinomianism Today
No Holiness, No Heaven! Antinomianism Today
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  • 116 Pages
  • Publisher : Banner of Truth
  • Publication Date : October 1986

No Holiness, No Heaven! Antinomianism Today

Alderson, Richard

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Publisher's Description

What is the Christian’s relationship with God’s Law? He has been set free from its condemnation; but is he still under the moral law as a rule of life? Or is he free to live as he pleases? Is holiness an optional extra?

No Holiness, No Heaven! answers these and other questions in a clear and popular fashion. It is written out of a deep concern at some trends in current Christian teaching and practice, especially the inroads of lawlessness into the life of the church. Written for every Christian, it also provides guidance for those who wish to study these issues in greater detail.