Our Reasonable Faith
Our Reasonable Faith
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  • 568 Pages
  • Publisher : Eerdmans Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : January 1956

Our Reasonable Faith

Bavinck, Herman

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This popular digest of Herman Bavinck's classic four-volume Reformed Dogmatics clearly presents the fundamental doctrines of biblical theology. A practical handbook of theology, it is an outstanding comprehensive statement of Christian faith and doctrine.

In his presentation of the biblical material Bavinck uses primarily two methods, which may be called subjective and objective. By the first method Bavinck relates truth immediately to the Christian life.... By the second method he traces out what order is objectively present in the truths of the faith themselves.... These two ways are intermingled throughout, thus reconciling head and heart.

  • Chapters 1–8 set forth the nature of God's revelation—how it came into existence and how, thought the creeds and confessions, we have come to know it.
  • Chapters 9–24 systematically present the content of that revelation.

That second main division is itself divided into two parts. Chapters 9–13 set forth the ways in which God has revealed himself: his attributes, his triune existence, his works, and the crown of his creation, man. Chapters 14–24 then discuss how the salvation of the Lord is implemented and applied.

Fully supported by scriptural references, Our Reasonable Faith provides the student, teacher, pastor, and layman with a readable, thoroughgoing, systematic presentation of God's revelation—its nature and content.