President Lincoln Listened: A Story of Compassion (Story Time)
President Lincoln Listened: A Story of Compassion (Story Time)
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  • 24 Pages
  • Publisher : Christian Focus
  • Publication Date : March 2006

President Lincoln Listened: A Story of Compassion (Story Time)

Moody, D. L.

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Publisher's Description

On a cold and frosty night a young man fights to stay awake as he struggles to keep an eye out for the enemy. The American civil war is in full swing and one family among many thousands are desperately waiting for their son to come home.That night he falls asleep at his post and his punishment is going to be the firing squad. There is nothing the young man’s family can do to change the outcome ... except maybe one thing. His sister remembers reading the life of Abraham Lincoln. She is sure that if she could just meet him and tell him, face to face, what was about to happen to her brother he would do all he could to help save her brother’s life. Once the President knows how much her parents love her brother and how they are all longing for him to come home surely her plea will be answered? D. L. Moody tells the touching story of one young soldier’s narrow escape from death in a way that focuses your mind on Christ and his compassion for sinners. If Abraham Lincoln could show mercy on a young soldier and his family surely our Lord Jesus Christ can show compassion to those who turn to him.