Protestant Revolt: A Study of the Protestant Reformation (DVD)
Protestant Revolt: A Study of the Protestant Reformation (DVD)
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Protestant Revolt: A Study of the Protestant Reformation (DVD)


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Whether you are Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Nondenominational, or Roman Catholic, the modern beliefs and traditions of our varied churches stem from those Reformation events that occurred over 500 years ago. Come and learn why you stand where you stand.

With a world class team of scholars, pastors, and theologians, Dr. Peter Lillback leads us through an eye-opening journey around the world. From Luther's Germany and Calvin's Geneva to Spain, England, Scotland, and beyond to America, our modern society, economy, government, and church, have their roots in the Reformation. Here we can clearly see how the Reformation shaped the world we live in today.

Do you know why you believe what you believe? Come and learn.

Disc 1
Overview Š—– 10:16
Chapter 1: The Vicar of Christ Š—– 23:55
Chapter 2: The Priesthood of the Believer Š—– 22:58
Chapter 3: Calvin's Curse Š—– 22:51
Chapter 4: The Cross and the Crown Š—– 21:27
Chapter 5: City on a Hill Š—– 20:19

Disc 2
Chapter 6: Upon this Rock Š—– 20:00
Chapter 7: Magnum Opus Š—– 19:44
Chapter 8: Set in Stone Š—– 24:52
Chapter 9: The Enlightened Ones Š—– 24:11
Chapter 10: The Martyrs Š—– 19:56
Chapter 11: Liberty and Justice For All Š—– 19:54

This Curriculum DVD is designed for use in Adult and High School Bible Study Classes, Christian Schools, Home Schools, and Small Groups.

Includes full reproducible Teacher's and Student Guides

2 DVDs | Total Time: 3 hours, 48 minutes (12 Sessions)