Proverbs (Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary)
Proverbs (Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary)
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  • 432 Pages
  • Publisher : Eerdmans Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : December 2015

Proverbs (Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary)

Lucas, Ernest C

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In this erudite yet accessible commentary Ernest Lucas elucidates the book of Proverbs both exegetically and thematically. Explicating the text in light of its ancient Near Eastern context, Lucas also shows the relevance of Proverbs for the twenty-first century, speaking as it does to such issues as character formation, gender relations, wealth and poverty, interpersonal communication, science and religion, and care for the environment.

Lucas uniquely identifies proverbial clusters in his critical exegesis of the biblical text and uses them as the basis for interpreting individual proverbs. Several substantial theological essays at the end of the book illuminate major ethical, pastoral, and spiritual themes in Proverbs. Ably unpacking the rich wisdom embedded in the book of Proverbs, Lucas s accessible theological commentary is perfect for pastors, teachers, and students.

Proverbs (Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary)