Psalms (Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary)
Psalms (Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary)
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  • 432 Pages
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Psalms (Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary)

Grogan, Geoffrey

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Geoffrey Grogan here tackles the growing field of Psalms research and presents an accessible theological treatment of the Psalter. He begins by surveying and evaluating the main scholarly approaches to Psalms and then provides exegesis of all the psalms, emphasizing their distinctive messages.

Grogan follows with a full discussion of the Psalter's theological themes, highlighting the implications of its fivefold arrangement. He considers the massive contribution of the Psalter to biblical theology, including the way the psalms were used and interpreted by Jesus and the New Testament writers. The volume closes with an analysis of the contemporary relevance of the Psalms and a step-by-step guide to preparing a Psalms sermon, based on Psalm 8.

432 Pages