Reading Between the Lines: Old Testament Daily Readings
Reading Between the Lines: Old Testament Daily Readings
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Reading Between the Lines: Old Testament Daily Readings

Scrivener, Glen

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Volume 1 of Reading Between the Lines will take you through 181 Old Testament Bible readings. These devotions will point you to Jesus, warm your heart and encourage you to keep going as a Christian.

From the Foreword:

Having earlier worked with Glen Scrivener in the life of a city-center church as well as in the studio settings of on-screen filming, it’s my happiness now to anticipate with you the pages of this updated edition of some truly entrancing daily Bible studies. If you have seen Glen in action online or in person, you may guess what you can expect from this Australian-born evangelist of our times. Thus the depth and buoyancy of these daily readings will come as no great surprise. For many of us, Reading Between The Lines will bring more than a collection of happy thoughts. Here could be our first-ever introduction to real Bible study—albeit conveyed with the zip and punch so characteristic of Glen’s inimitable style. For here is true refreshment, both of mind and spirit. Glen steadily escorts us in passage after passage all over the Bible, in what ultimately amounts to an overall portrait of Jesus Christ—the Man who stands astride the story of the human race. We are like the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, to whom the uninvited Companion—who joined them on that Resurrection Sunday evening—revealed, in all the scriptures, the things concerning Himself. Alternatively you might be one of the devoted friends sitting round a charcoal fire on the beach with the risen Stranger on the Shore— breakfasting on Tilapia fish from the Sea of Galilee. For this is what Bible study amounts to! We are not simply in the business of gathering information here. It was the apostle Paul who 10P_Reading Between The Lines vol 1 Typeset A5_F19-10P-113 v3.indd 1 09/11/2018 15:51 READING BETWEEN THE LINES VOLUME 1 2 reminded his protégé Timothy of the Scriptures that were able to make him wise unto salvation “through faith which is in CHRIST JESUS.” It is a Person that we can expect to meet and come to know, as Glen so winsomely leads us through the pages ahead.

Richard Bewes OBE, Former Senior Pastor of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London.