Ryle Bundle (5 Volumes)
Ryle Bundle (5 Volumes)
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Ryle Bundle (5 Volumes)

Ryle, J.C

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HolinessThe classic work on sanctification updated for the 21st Century. Convinced that “the subject of personal godliness has fallen sadly into the background,” Ryle wrote with a pastor’s conviction to see people wholeheartedly follow Christ. This oft-cited and singular work has lost none of its richness in its 100 plus years of existence. Abridged, with modernized English.

HappinessHappiness addresses a topic that has fascinated mankind and remains a hot topic today: what is true happiness? How can it be found and held on to, even when life throws a curved ball? Ryle gives answers you can trust and that all Christians will find helpful.

Thoughts for Young MenThoughts for Young Men is tremendously important: the changes in society have led to young men being marginalized and many are far more interested in the latest online games than Christian faith. Ryle challenges young men to take their rightful place in God’s plan.

Eighteenth Century Christian Leaders - This present book was originally entitled The Christian leaders of the Last Century; or England 100 Years Ago (it was published in 1869) and came about as a result of the biographies it includes being written as a series. Ryle’s intention in the release of the book was more than recounting lives such as those of George Whitefield, Henry Venn, William Grimshaw and Daniel Rowland and others: he applies the lessons from their stories and appeals for a return to the faith and dedication of these excellent men. This edition it has been lightly modernized and references which would confuse the modern reader have been updated.

Do You Pray?Do You Pray? challenges all Christians in a day when prayer meetings are in decline and personal serious prayer is increasingly rare. Ryle’s approach is simple and straightforward and easily understood by both young and old.





J.C. Ryle (1816-1900) was Bishop of Liverpool. Forgoing a political career for the pastorate, his ministry was characterized by outreach and steadfast commitment to the truth of God's Word. His books include Holiness and the popular series of Expository Thoughts…