Salvation: Full and Free in Christ (Banner Mini-Guides)
Salvation: Full and Free in Christ (Banner Mini-Guides)
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  • 112 Pages
  • Publisher : Banner of Truth
  • Publication Date : March 2018

Salvation: Full and Free in Christ (Banner Mini-Guides)

Hamilton, Ian

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Product Description:

It is the greatest need and the deepest longing of all human beings who have ever lived. Throughout history, people have always longed for ‘rescue’, though often without understanding ‘from what’ and ‘by whom’. This mini-guide to Salvation explores the Bible’s teaching on this great theme in a way that takes us to the heart of human need and the greatness of God’s deliverance.

Each title in this Banner Mini-Guides series will provide an outline of the Bible’s teaching on a particular subject. They will open up a key verse or portion of Scripture for study, while not neglecting other passages related to the theme under consideration, The goal is to whet your appetite and to encourage you to explore the subject in more detail: hence the suggestions for further reading which appear after the final chapter. However, the mini-guide will provide enough information to enlarge your understanding of the theme.

All the mini guides have been arranged in a thirteen-chapter format so that they will seamlessly fit into the teaching quarters of the church year, and be useful for Sunday school lessons or Bible class studies.