The Seceders
The Seceders
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  • 208 Pages
  • Publisher : Banner of Truth
  • Publication Date : April 1964

The Seceders

Philpot, J. H.

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Publisher's Description

A moving account of two brothers in Christ and their incredible relationship as they, together, left the Established Church of England in the 1830s.

This paperback has been extracted from The Seceders: 1829-69, volumes I and II, first published 1930-32. These two volumes, consisting mainly of the letters of J.C. Philpot and William Tiptaft, are both prefaced with a biographical introduction by Dr. J.H. Philpot as a background to the letters, which is here reprinted. A third volume of The Seceders containing Philpot’s letters from 1850 to his death, with an introduction by S.F. Paul of Brighton, was published in 1960, but as this reprint concentrates on the early ministries of these men, only minor use has been made of it.