Stories with Intent
Stories with Intent
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  • 864 Pages
  • Publisher : Eerdmans Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : January 2008

Stories with Intent

Snodgrass, Klyne R.

Dig deeper into the stories meant to persuade us of the gospel, told by the creator and master of story himself. Within a consciously evangelical theology and paying admirable attention to comparable Jewish and Greco-Roman traditions, this comprehensive work of analysis and classification is a functional resource for interpreting context and subtext in Jesus’ parables.
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Stories with Intent offers pastors and students an accessible and comprehensive guide to Jesus' parables. Klyne Snodgrass explores in vivid detail the contexts in which these stories were told, the purposes they had in Jesus' message, and the ways they have been interpreted by the church and modern scholarship. While holding a consciously evangelical approach, Snodgrass deals throughout with a broad spectrum of opinions and interpretations.

He begins by surveying the primary issues in parables interpretation. Offering both a new, more functional classification system for parables and guidelines for interpreting parables, he provides an overview of other parables, often neglected in the discussion, from the Old Testament, Jewish writings, and the Greco-Roman world. The remaining chapters group the longer and more important parables of Jesus thematically and give a comprehensive treatment of each, including background and significance for modern thought.

864 pages
Published January 2008