Tangle: The Quest for Truth, Book 4 (Quest for Truth)
Tangle: The Quest for Truth, Book 4 (Quest for Truth)
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  • 448 Pages
  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : August 2015

Tangle: The Quest for Truth, Book 4 (Quest for Truth)

Eastman, Brock D.

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Publisher's Description

"Rescuer,” Mason cried in his mind. “Save me!”

The Wikk kids have been separated on their quest to find humanity’s home planet. Reunited with his parents, Mason makes new friends and clashes with old enemies on board the sinister Übel ship, the Black Ranger. Meanwhile, Oliver, Tiffany, and Austin race to rescue their friend Ashley from a toxic moon—but they soon find themselves in more trouble than they’d bargained for. Their newfound faith in Rescuer has changed their whole view of the universe. Will trusting the Truth help them to make sense of tangled clues and lies? How long can they keep one step ahead of their enemies?