The Duties of Parents (Classics of Reformed Spirituality)
The Duties of Parents (Classics of Reformed Spirituality)
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  • 173 Pages
  • Publisher : Reformation Heritage Books
  • Publication Date : May 2012

The Duties of Parents (Classics of Reformed Spirituality)

Koelman, Jacobus

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The Duties of Parents is the best known-known work of Dutch Further reformation leader Jacobus Koelman. Outlining 282 guidelines for Christian parenting, Koelman emphasizes the need for loving, thoughtful discipline and urges parents to tell their children that the purpose of punishment is their eternal well-being. He describes the need for good schools and teachers and encourages the latter to realize their great responsibility. The Duties of Parents gives readers an important glimpse of the theological and practical concerns of the developing Protestant tradition. Practical application abounds for raising children today as well.

173 Pages
Published May 2012

About the Author

Jacobus Koelman (1632-1695) was one of the most outspoken and influential leaders of the Dutch Further Reformation.

Translated by John Vriend.
Edited by M. Eugene Osterhaven.