The Emily Stories Set of 4
The Emily Stories Set of 4
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  • Publisher : Matthias Media USA

The Emily Stories Set of 4

Carmichael, Stephanie; Green, Jessica

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The thinking of Trellis and Vine for kids.

“Great fun for kids to read while training parents in vine work. A perfect tandem.”

“During our Trellis and Vine workshops, one of the biggest mind-shifts that need to take place is on the location of disciple making. The default position for most is that discipleship happens only in the classroom or structured one-to-one meetings (accountability partnerships). But as most people intuit, discipleship happens best in the day-to-day happenings of life. As we apply God’s truth and wisdom to our lives — our work, our dinner conversations, our reactions to unexpected events, big and small — we begin to see maturity develop.

“As a father of three young children, I can’t think of a better way to teach and train my kids about how we serve God than through conversations on the simple things in life. Stephanie Carmichael’s books are wonderful tools to both remind me and teach my kids who God is. Just the other day, when our trip to the park was canceled because of rain, we reminded our complaining children of the story we read in Grumpy Day and how he gives us the rain for a reason. Each of her four books reminds my wife and I of ways we can bring up “God-talk” in the everyday happenings of life. As an added bonus, my kids love the books. Claire, my oldest daughter, calls The Rag Doll her favorite book.”

— Marty Sweeney
Executive Director,Matthias Media USA

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“Christian parents... have two friends in Stephanie Carmichael and Jessica Green. As author and artist, they combine to give us pleasant stories and tender illustrations that help kids grasp the goodness of God and the joy of living in gratitude to Him. I look forward to seeing more!”

— David Helm, author
The Big Picture Story Bible

“These new children's books are the complete package: simple everyday stories delightfully told; beautifully drawn, whimsical illustrations that children love; and discussion about God woven naturally into the dialogue.”

— Tony Payne
co-author, The Trellis and the Vine

“Deuteronomy 6:7-9 commands parents to weave teaching about God into the everyday life of their children. These books show this in action. Capturing desires and frustrations that are real to kids, these stories teach them to know and relate to God in all of life. Just what we would expect from Matthias Media — Biblical discipleship applied to family life.”

— Jim Weidenaar
wtsbooks staff

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