The Westminster Confession of Faith Study Book
The Westminster Confession of Faith Study Book
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  • 412 Pages
  • Publisher : Christian Focus

The Westminster Confession of Faith Study Book

Pipa, Joseph

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The Westminster Confession is a foundational document for countless churches worldwide. Churches of all sizes claim it as their confession, and hold to it with varying degrees of closeness. However, how many people actually have any real knowledge of the Confession or feel it is only of relevance to their church leaders?

Joey Pipa's study book is the ideal tool for all Christians who seek to gain a better understanding of their faith through exploring an integral cornerstone of Reformed Christianity. Pipa has produced an accessible, user- friendly study aid, which illuminates the Westminster Confession for all Christians, showing it is not just a document for intellectual theologians, but is as relevant in our own lives today, as when it was written.

412 Pages
Published 2012

About the Author

Joseph A. Pipa Jr is President and Professor Historical and Systematic Theology at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in South Carolina. He previously taught at Westminster Seminary California. He has pastored churches in Tchula, Mississippi, Houston, Texas and Escondido, California.