The Thought of God
The Thought of God
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  • 256 Pages
  • Publisher : Banner of Truth
  • Publication Date : May 1993

The Thought of God

Roberts, Maurice

Stir your heart and mind toward greater thoughts of our God with these ruminations on His nature and glory. Originally published as editorials in The Banner of Truth magazine, the pastoral essays gathered here are a soul-gratifying digest of eternity-bound thinking. This is the best kind of food-for-thought writing; a full, hearty meal for the soul.
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Publisher's Description

This is a collection of articles which have already been widely read and appreciated as editorials in The Banner of Truth magazine, of which Maurice Roberts is the editor. Pointedly biblical, they are thoughtful and searching, humbling and exalting, challenging and encouraging.

Like editorials in other journals Maurice Robert’s articles have spoken to the needs of the times. But while many editorials appear to have only historical or sociological interest at a later day, in contrast these are of lasting value. They have God and his Word as their starting place, and their horizon stretches beyond time to eternity. Those who have already read them will rejoice to have these pieces conveniently and permanently in book form, while those who come to them for the first time will appreciate their freshness, relevance and power, and will find in them a seriousness which has a sanctifying effect on the heart and a clarifying influence on the spiritual vision.