Today's Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic?
Today's Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic?
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  • 96 Pages
  • Publisher : Banner of Truth
  • Publication Date : July 1970

Today's Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic?

Chantry, Walter J.

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Differences between much of today’s preaching and that of Jesus are not petty; they are enormous. The chief errors are not in emphasis or approach but in the heart of the gospel messages. Were there a deficiency in one of the areas mentioned in these pages, it would be serious. But to ignore all- the attributes of God, the holy law of God, repentance, a call to bow to the enthroned Christ, as well as a perversion of assurance- is the most deadly mistake.’

This powerfully written book has a message which goes to the heart of the contemporary problem in a way that conferences and commissions on evangelism have failed to do. Its expository approach is particularly valuable.