True Word for Tough Times
True Word for Tough Times
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  • 96 Pages
  • Publisher : Evangelical Press
  • Publication Date : July 2013

True Word for Tough Times

Davis, Dale Ralph

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In August 2010 Dale Ralph Davis delivered these five messages from Jeremiah at the Evangelical Movement of Wales Conference in Aberystwyth. Those who were there on the occasion will recall the power and passion of this rich exposition of the Word of God. As he explains in the Preface, Dale Ralph Davis deliberately chose five passages that focussed on the down aspect of the prophet's message. He explains his choice of passages in these words:

“. . . . they supply a healthy corrective to some of the flippant and flimsy optimism we meet in certain Christian propaganda about the Christian life and ministry. My prayer is that a number of the Lord's servants who are slogging on in the paths of righteousness will, by the Spirit's chemistry, be strangely comforted by this tormented prophet and the ruthless Warrior who stood at his side.”

Dr. Davis preaching, slightly adapted here for the printed page, will surely be used to fulfill that prayer.