Understanding Theology - II (Understanding Theology)
Understanding Theology - II (Understanding Theology)
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  • 548 Pages
  • Publisher : Christian Focus
  • Publication Date : September 2002

Understanding Theology - II (Understanding Theology)

R. T, Kendall

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Publisher's Description

Since the first volume of R.T. Kendall's Understanding Theology was published pressure has built up to add more topics to this introduction to the main doctrinal themes of Christianity. Here is the long awaited second volume of subjects from the 'Westminster School of Theology'. The content and the format of the book are its strengths - the content is searching, clear, profound and fair minded. Rather than 'duck' an issue R.T. explains both sides of an argument - showing its history and logical development. The book is laid out in outline form. This enables you to see the clear pattern of the source and development of a doctrine whilst accessing the information as succinctly as possible.People from a wide spectrum of evangelical belief have found this a very helpful doctrinal series. It has brought them, and will bring you, closer to the Bible in your understanding and closer to God in your life.