We Became Men: A Journey Into Manhood
We Became Men: A Journey Into Manhood
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  • 235 Pages
  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : May 2012

We Became Men: A Journey Into Manhood

Brower, Shawn M.

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Life is a journey of adventure, discovery, risk, and revelation.

Yet if you are like most young men, you have never been invited to set out on this journey—have never been guided to discover who you are, what you should pursue, and who you can become.

This book is the invitation you have been waiting for: a guide that affirms and validates young men and empowers them to pursue manhood from a biblical perspective. It will give you clear vision and direction for your life in vital, life-changing areas such as performance, temptations, relationships, idols, boredom with life, and much more.

Take on the challenge to be a courageous man of action . . . and feel more free and alive than you have ever imagined.