The Westminster Confession of Faith (Pocket Puritans)
The Westminster Confession of Faith (Pocket Puritans)
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  • 136 Pages
  • Publisher : Banner of Truth
  • Publication Date : December 2012

The Westminster Confession of Faith (Pocket Puritans)

Westminster Divines

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Agreed upon by the Assembly of Divines at Westminster, with the assistance of commissioners from The Church of Scotland, as part of the Covenanted Uniformity in religion betwixt the churches of Christ in the Kingdoms of Scotland, England, and Ireland.

This edition contains the Westminster Confession of Faith as approved by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 1647. It also includes Chapters 20, 23, 31, as altered, amended, and adopted as the Doctrinal Part of the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in American, 1788. Additional footnotes have been inserted at Chapters 22.111, 24.IV, and 25.VI, to indicate other places where the Confession has been altered in the editions adopted by the OPC and the PCA.