What Are Spiritual Gifts? (Basics of the Faith)
What Are Spiritual Gifts? (Basics of the Faith)
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  • 48 Pages
  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : September 2010

What Are Spiritual Gifts? (Basics of the Faith)

BRF; Poythress, Vern S.

Explore the basic doctrines and beliefs of the church. Composed by some of the brightest and most passionate leaders of the modern church, these brief, theologically rigorous resources offer carefully crafted answers to a broad range of questions
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Spiritual Gifts, given by God, empower believers to serve others in both the church and the world. However, our own spiritual gifts today aren't always easy to identify. What gifts are there? How should they be used? Which gifts apply to the apostolic era? which apply to us?

Even among serious, searching believers, there are still divisive questions. Can light be shed on these issues? Vern Poythress illuminates them by turning to the authority of Scripture and allowing it to speak for itself.

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