What Is Faith? (Basics of the Faith)
What Is Faith? (Basics of the Faith)
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  • 29 Pages
  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : July 2012

What Is Faith? (Basics of the Faith)

Richard, Guy M.

Explore the basic doctrines and beliefs of the church. Composed by some of the brightest and most passionate leaders of the modern church, these brief, theologically rigorous resources offer carefully crafted answers to a broad range of questions
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The Bible teaches us that Christians are those who believe in Christ. But what does true saving faith look like? Is it a blind leap in the dark? Is it knowing about God? Does it translate into something that those around us can see? How much faith is enough?

Here Christian faith is examined from biblical, theological, and historical perspectives. Its aspects of intellect, relationship, trust, works, and maturity are explored to answer these questions and to show us what faith truly is.

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