What Is Repentance? (Cultivating Biblical Godliness)
What Is Repentance? (Cultivating Biblical Godliness)
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  • Publisher : Reformation Heritage Books
  • Publication Date : December 2015

What Is Repentance? (Cultivating Biblical Godliness)

Walker, Jeremy

Biblically rich, practical and persuasive, this is a superb introduction and overview of an often-overlooked doctrine. Slim and easy to read, this knowledgeable, pastoral resource is a great way to present new and old believers with a concise and applicable summary of the importance of repentance. An excellent primer and outreach tool.
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The spirit of our age encourages us not to feel bad about ourselves and to build up our self-esteem. Yet to become a Christian and then to maintain a healthy Christian life, we must practice repentanceacknowledging with sorrow our sin and yearning for holiness and increased obedience to God's will. In this pamphlet, Jeremy Walker explains from the Scriptures what it means to repent by turning from our sin and turning to God. He provides biblical portraits of repentance and practical steps toward developing this important characteristic in our lives.