What Is the Atonement? (Basics of the Faith)
What Is the Atonement? (Basics of the Faith)
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  • 48 Pages
  • Publisher : P&R Publishing Company
  • Publication Date : September 2010

What Is the Atonement? (Basics of the Faith)

BRF; Philips, Richard D.

Explore the basic doctrines and beliefs of the church. Composed by some of the brightest and most passionate leaders of the modern church, these brief, theologically rigorous resources offer carefully crafted answers to a broad range of questions
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The atonement, and its significance to Christ's death on the cross, is a doctrine sadly fading from focus in our modern evangelical churches. Yet Richard Phillips asserts that it is a necessary truth for Christian salvation. As soon as we start to ask questions like "How is Jesus the Christ?", Why do we need a Savior?", and "What did he do to save us?"< the answers take us directly to Christ's atoning work. This booklet explores and defends the importance of the atonement in terms of its centrality, terminology, theories, extent, and role in ministry - the "why," "what," "how," "for whom," and "what then" of the atonement.

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