What Is the Lord's Supper? (Crucial Questions)
What Is the Lord's Supper? (Crucial Questions)
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  • 63 Pages
  • Publisher : Reformation Trust Publishing
  • Publication Date : October 2013

What Is the Lord's Supper? (Crucial Questions)

Sproul, R. C

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The evangelical church is deeply confused over the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, with many believers being unclear as to what happens at the Lord’s Table. In some churches, it is practiced infrequently or irreverently.In this booklet, Dr. R. C. Sproul cuts through the confusion to define the supper, demonstrate what it means, and show how important it is for the lives of believers and churches. He explores the origins of the supper, explains what it does for us, and refutes erroneous views of the Sacrament. Here is teaching that will enhance any reader’s appreciation for the work of Christ that is pictured in the bread and wine.