Williams' Hebrew Syntax (3rd Edition)
Williams' Hebrew Syntax (3rd Edition)
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  • 264 Pages
  • Publisher : University of Toronto Press
  • Publication Date : June 2007

Williams' Hebrew Syntax (3rd Edition)

Williams, Ronald J.; Beckman, John C.

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Developed by Ronald J. Williams over fifteen years in a formal course on Hebrew syntax at the University of Toronto, Williams' Hebrew Syntax has since been widely used as an intermediate textbook in biblical Hebrew. First published in 1967, with a second edition issued in 1976, this substantially revised and expanded third edition is designed as an intermediate textbook for students of Biblical Hebrew. The guide explains the meanings of morphological categories and the way that words, phrases, and clauses relate to one another to create meaning.

Expanded to meet the demands of contemporary classroom use, John C. Beckman's third edition also functions as a grammatical reference, providing updated analysis and thoroughly up-to-date cross-references to literature in the field. By providing interlinear translations and final translations for examples, the latest edition better enables students with modest vocabulary and knowledge of parsing to understand the examples and grammatical points.

264 Pages
Published June 2007

About the Authors

Ronald J. Williams (1917-1997) was a professor emeritus in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at the University of Toronto.

John C. Beckman is the Hebrew Language Program Research and Teaching Assistant at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.