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Recovering Eden: The Gospel According to Ecclesiastes (Gospel According to the Old Testament)

Eswine, Zack

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Listen to a sermon by Zach Eswine from Ecclesiates 8-9 entitled Why Be Good?.
Source: Riverside Church

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The Preacher in Ecclesiastes reminds us that life under the sun does not play out according to neat and tidy rules. He asks us to see the world around us in all its messiness and explores what that messiness reveals about us, our world, and God. The Preacher is plainspoken, because people live in the midst of this mess and we have to talk about it. Zack Eswine gives us a meditation that engages people where they are and invites them to draw near to God who enters their world to redeem it and them.

Includes Questions for Discussion at the end of each chapter

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