Reformer of Basel: The Life, Thought, and Influence of Johannes Oecolampadius

Poythress, Diane

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Description and endorsement from Richard Gamble:
"It is indeed a joy to be able to read about the life and times of Basel’s great Reformer, Johannes Oecolampadius, from Dr. Diane Poythress’s pen. She writes in a very engaging style that helps to make the long-ago events of the sixteenth century come alive. Her presentation is scholarly, engaging with all the sources in a number of languages, correctly critical (when authors refuse to see the clear hand of God at action and ascribe ‘secular’ motivation), but most importantly introduces to English readers a beautiful facet of God’s great reforming work in Switzerland.

"Poythress introduces her readers to Oecolampadius’s life in its historical context. She traces his vast influence throughout Europe and helps the reader to understand why he is so important by presenting an annotated bibliography of his prodigious writings. With great depth of learning (including comparing his work with Greek fathers), she points out Oecolampadius’s exegetical insights and contributions as well as his hermeneutical theory. Not content with that significant contribution, she also shows the scope of the Basel Reformer’s theology.

"Dr. Poythress also provides an English translation of part of Oecolampadius’s Isaiah commentary, giving her readers a sweet appetizer to the banquet of theology found at Oecolampadius’s theological table. This work will satisfy scholars but will be a blessing to any reader. It is highly recommended, and the Christian community is indebted to Dr. Poythress and her publisher for making this great work available to us."

230 Pages
Published 2011

About the Author

Diane M. Poythress earned her PhD in Reformation history and theology from Westminster Theological Seminary. She studied under Francis Schaeffer at L’Abri, was a missionary in Europe and Taiwan, and served as staff for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in Washington, D. C. She is a speaker, writer, and housewife married to Vern Poythress, and mother of two grown sons.

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