Right in Their Own Eyes: The Gospel According to Judges (Gospel According to the Old Testament)

Schwab, Geogre M.

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George Schwab achieves four goals.

  • First, to be true to the text—to read Judges in its ancient Near Eastern setting, seeing it as a sermon on Deuteronomy and, at times, a possible apologetic for David.
  • Second, to glorify Christ—to read Judges from a biblical-theological perspective, finding that Judges is really all about Christ and his coming kingdom.
  • Third, to lift us up in faith—which happens when we see our sovereign God at work, forging a community of faith from a wayward and idolatrous people.
  • And finally, to call us to change our perspective and take action—why does it matter that faith leads to deliverance? What does a lack of faith in daily life reap in terms of oppression, and how does the message of Judges make a difference?

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