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Samuel Rutherford: Bitesize Biography (Bitesize Biographies)

Hannula, Richard

Product Description

Samuel Rutherford was 36 years old when he was exiled to

Aberdeen, feeling that he was 'an outcast and withered tree.' He

had served the little church at Anwoth in Galloway faithfully, but

in those August days of 1636 he seems to have felt for a while

that his useful service was over.

Little could he have known that his exile would end in less than

two years when Scotland rose up to resist the king's domination

of the church. He could hardly have imagined that he would

serve a key role in reasserting biblical doctrine, worship and

government to the Scottish church. He would also play an

important part in the Westminster Assembly, defining Christian

doctrine for much of the English-speaking world for centuries to

come, and nearly two dozen influential books would flow from

his pen, winning the admiration of the Reformed churches of

Britain and the Continent. He would even have the most

prestigious universities in the Netherlands and Scotland clamor

to have him fill their chairs of divinity, and as a professor of

theology, he would mold the minds of a generation of Scottish

pastors and theologians

Alexander Whyte wrote, "No man of his age in broad Scotland

stood higher as a scholar, a theologian, a controversialist, a

preacher and a very saint than Samuel Rutherford."

Nor could Rutherford have envisioned in his wildest dreams that

a collection of letters that he sent to friends from his exile in

Aberdeen would rank among the most beloved Christian classics,

a timeless source of spiritual inspiration to millions of readers.

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