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Science and Grace: God's Reign in the Natural Sciences

Morris, Tim and Don Petcher

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Staff Review: A pervasive story dominates Western society. Through the scientific advances of modern civilization, humanity has been liberated from the shackles of religious superstition. Science and Grace exposes the far more complex story of modern science against the backdrop of the Enlightenment. In fact, the very Enlightenment project that undergirds that story is now in philosophical and scientific crisis.

However, Morris and Petcher go far beyond a critique of materialistic atheism. Instead, they build constructively upon the tradition of Christian dissent from the Enlightenment project found in authors such as Blaise Pascal, Charles Hodge and Abraham Kuyper. Setting the practice of science within a trinitarian and covenantal framework, they point the way forward for a constructive Christian approach to science worked out from a consistently biblical worldview. - Matthew Harmon, Westminster Bookstore Staff, April 2006

Publisher Description:

Jesus Christ is Lord of creation and Christians are called to bear witness to his glory and faithfulness in all things. Yet in recent years, science and Christianity have often been considered two distinct types of knowledge, each self-contained—the truth of one doing nothing to the validity of the other. We are now living in a time of transition from a modern to a postmodern cultural context, and how exactly Christianity and science will influence and be influenced by this transition is yet to be seen.

In this transition, the divide that seemed to exist between these two branches of knowledge appears to be crumbling and an apparent "war" between science and Christian theology has started—with many on both sides insisting that a high regard of the one automatically translates into a low regard for the other. More and more the developments of science appear to challenge the basic beliefs of Christianity. Has science gotten off track? Does Christian theology need to be corrected by science? Is there such a thing as a Christian science or is science just science? The shift in our cultural backdrop now provides a valuable opportunity for Christians to examine these questions and to reassess the way we have come to frame science and religion issues.

While many books address science and faith issues, Science and Grace uniquely offers wisdom for Christians who desire to refine their perspective on science so that critical analysis of the scientific pronouncements of our day as well as thankful appreciation for scientific endeavor spring naturally from their Christian worldview. Authors Tim Morris and Don Petcher help readers to develop a "theology of science" that utilizes specifically Christian convictions about God's faithfulness to his creation. This "theology of science" encourages Christians to be actively and confidently involved in science itself as well as in the current discussions about the status of science in our culture, thus bearing witness to God's reign even in the natural sciences.

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