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Scripture and Worship: Biblical Interpretation and the Directory for Worship

Richard A. Muller and Rowland S. Ward

Understand how the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Directory for Public Worship were shaped by the divines' understanding of Scripture. Despite the inclusion of proof-texts, the divines had a rich model for interpreting Scripture that Muller clearly explains. Ward's contribution on the DPW is a helpful resource for those who plan, conduct, or simply enjoy Reformed worship.

Product Description

Since their writing in the seventeenth century, the Westminster Standards have long been the confessional benchmark of Presbyterian churches the world over. Many today, however, consider them to be the result of shallow proof-texting, over-systematization of doctrine, logic-chopping, and plain theological ignorance.

Muller and Ward take a fresh look at the Standards, placing them in their historical context and presenting useful background to help modern-day readers understand these important documents. The first part of the book investigates the exegetical background to the Confession, and the second explores the issues, priorities, and debates behind the Directory for Public Worship. The resulting volume not only will offer the careful reader a model of how to study historical theological documents, but will also rekindle interest in the Westminster Standards as part of the church's great creedal and confessional tradition.Includes the complete "A Directory for the Public Worship of God in the Three Kingdoms" as an appendix.The Westminster Assembly and the Reformed Faith is published in cooperation with Westminster Theological Seminary's Craig Center for the Study of the Westminster Standards.

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