Seeing with New Eyes: Counseling and the Human Condition through the Lens of Scripture

Powlison, David A.

Enlighten the eyes of your heart and begin to see what God sees when He looks at the world. The darkness and suffering of this life are indeed difficult to understand, but things start to look different when the lights come on. Take a fresh look at our daily struggles through God’s eyes in this conceptual, vision-shaping book, and unfold scripture’s view of the everyday problems of real life.

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Does God have a take on counseling? Does his gaze have anything to say about the myriad issues counseling deals with? Has he communicated the way he thinks?

David Powlison helps us to see God in the counseling context, training us to see what God sees, hear what he says, and do what he does. As we look through this Scriptural lens, we will become more thoughtful in understanding people and more skillful in curing souls.

All counseling models—whether secular or religious—are essentially differing systems of "pastoral care and cure." When you include God in the picture, it changes the way we think about "problem," "diagnosis," "strategy," "solution," "helpful," "cure," "insight," and "counselor." Learn how the Bible's truth competes head-to-head with other counseling models and changes what we live for and how we live.

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