Sermons of George Whitefield (2 Volume Set)

Whitefield, George; Gatiss, Lee (editor)

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Listen to a lecture by Iain Murray entitled George Whitefield: A Spur to the Minister. (Sermon Audio)

George Whitefield was the leading evangelical clergyman of the eighteenth century and one of the driving forces, humanly speaking, of revivals on both sides of the Atlantic. Yet until now, his sermons have been left as an untapped resource for today’s church. Editor Lee Gatiss has thus reproduced 57 sermons that were originally authorized to be published by Whitefield himself in the late 1700s, in addition to two sermons edited by Gillies for Whitefield’s Works, and two more that are of great importance.

Gatiss includes careful and extensive footnotes detailing the historical and theological background to Whitefield’s preaching, which puts the man and his messages into context for a new generation of readers. The text has also been updated for the twenty-first century with modern grammar, spelling, and punctuation - revised in a manner that leaves Whitefield’s distinct voice intact and coherent for today’s reader. Finally, the powerful and passionate preaching that set the world on fire in the Great Awakening is available to all.

512 Pages (Vol. 1), 464 Pages (Vol. 2)
Published August 2012

About the Author

George Whitefield (1714–1770) was a revivalist and well-known evangelist of the eighteenth century. Whitefield was nominally the head of the Calvinistic Methodists, but he left to others the work of organization. His time was divided between Great Britain and America, and he preached among all denominations. He continued in active service until the end, preaching for two hours at Exeter, Mass., the day before his death, while it was his regular custom to preach every day in the week, often two and four times daily.

About the Editor: Lee Gatiss is director of Church Society, visiting lecturer in church history at Wales Evangelical School of Theology, and editor of Theologian. He holds degrees in history and theology from Oxford, Oak Hill College, and Westminster Seminary, and is working towards his doctorate from Cambridge, focusing on seventeenth-century biblical interpretation. Gatiss has served churches in Oxford, Kettering, and London. He is married to Kerry and they have three children.

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