Sermons on the Book of Micah

Calvin, John

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When John Calvin preached through the book of Micah in 1550-1551, he addressed a social situation not unlike Micah's, or ours today. The prophet Micah confronted idolatry, superstition, confusion, alienation, inhumane acts, and personal and social desolation in his own day. And he continues to speak to us, through the Genevan Reformer, in these twenty-eight sermons.

Calvin's commitment to the sovereignty of divine grace “underlies almost every sentence he preaches in the series,” writes Benjamin Farley in his introduction to this volume. Other themes receiving special attention are God's Word, his providence and human suffering, and man's role in sanctification.

438 Pages
Published 2003

About the Author

John Calvin (1509–1564) was a Reformer living in Geneva who wrote Institutes of the Christian Religion, commentaries, and many other works that remain in print and exercise influence in today’s church.

About the Editor: Benjamin Wirt Farley (PhD, Union Theological Seminary in VA) is Younts Professor Emeritus of Religion and Philosophy at Erskine College. He has also served as president of the Calvin Studies Society in America. Farley has authored several books ranging from Calvin's Ecclesiastical Advice and The Providence of God to a number of published novels and short stories. He has also translated John Calvin's Sermons on the Ten Commandments and John Calvin’s Treatises Against the Anabaptists and Against the Libertines.

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