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Setting Our Sights on Heaven: Why It's Hard and Why It's Worth It

Wolfe, Paul D.

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Listen to sermon series by Paul Wolfe entitled Setting Our Sights on Heaven.
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Think about heaven much?
"Set your minds on things that are above." So urged the Apostle Paul. Christians ought to think about heaven as those who long for it and who are destined for it.

So... Why don't we?

Why do we struggle to set our sights on the world to come?

  • Could it be... we doubt we'll get there?
  • Could it be... we suspect that heaven will be dull?
  • Could it be... we're obsessed with the past, and can't face the future?
  • Could it be... we haven't come to grips with the shortness of earthly life?

In Setting Our Sights on Heaven, Paul Wolfe brings out the Bible’s teaching about heaven, addressing the various factors that tend to push heaven out of our minds and the gospel remedies that help us push it back to where it belongs.

Includes a Foreword by Sinclair B. Ferguson

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