Shapers of Christian Orthodoxy: Engaging with Early and Medieval Theologians

Green, Bradley G.

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The best of evangelical theology has always paid attention to the key thinkers, issues and doctrinal developments in the history of the church. What God has done in the past is key to understanding who we are and how we are to live.

The purpose of this volume is threefold: to introduce a selection of key early and medieval theologians, to strengthen the faith of evangelical Christians by helping them to understand the riches of the church's theological reflection, and to help them learn how to think theologically.

These essays offer insightful analysis of and commentary on eight key theologians, from Irenaeus to Aquinas, along with critical assessment of how evangelicals should view and appropriate the insights of these thinkers. The intention of the contributors is to, as Augustine says, cultivate minds "fired by the grace of our creator and savior" so that we might think well and rightly about our good and great God and live in his light.

Theologians included for discussion in this volume:

  • Irenaeus
  • Tertullian
  • Origen
  • Athanasius
  • The Cappadocians
  • Augustine
  • Anselm
  • Aquinas

    400 Pages
    Published November 2010

    About the Author

    Bradley G. Green (PhD, Theology, Baylor University) is associate professor of Christian studies at Union University. His varied background includes serving as Latin instructor and Sunday school teacher. He has written a number of articles for various publications including Churchman, Touchstone Magazine, Chronicles Magazine and The International Journal of Systematic Theology. He is also the author of The Gospel and the Mind: Recovering and Shaping the Intellectual Life.

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